Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Filofax Frustration

I'm going to keep this short since it will be whiny! I ordered a new Filofax with a gift card I received for Christmas. I'm planning on using it to track weight loss/exercise/food intake. It arrived at the post office on Friday but I was unable to pick it up because of work. So Saturday afternoon I visited the post office, they were closed early!! Oh no, such disappointment. I looked up the tracking information to see if it could possibly be redelivered to the house but that service is unavailable in our small town. On the door at the post office I notice a red sign. Closed for New Years Day!! What?! Yes, I have to wait until after I get off work at 2 on Wednesday to pick up my long awaited new Filo-companion. So glad the wait is almost over. Why is New Year's Day a government holiday?

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