Sunday, December 9, 2012

Filofax Tour

This year for our 1st anniversary I got a black Cuban Filofax. I guess you could consider that as paper.  It was on sale for around half off. I LOVE it so much. I am a list person and it totally enables me to organize and keep track of my whole life. 

-On the right side of my dashboard I have my "wallet," debit card, rewards cards, money. In the zippered pocket I have small sticky notes and labels.
-On the left I have 2 sizes of sticky notes. On the small size I have December goals and immediate blog goals. On the large size I usually have a grocery list, but it being December I have Christmas shopping that still needs to be done.

-In my diary section I use small post it notes for lists: to do, blog, etc. I also have things color coded and I highlight the dates accordingly. Blue is a holiday, green is a payday, pink is AF. 
-When I write in these sections I try to color code as well. Light blue pertains to Michael, orange for deaths, purple for birthdays, green for work, red for bills.
-In the space on the bottom page I write reminders of occasions for the upcoming week.

-I have 2 groups of tabbed sections. The first is for expenses, blog, blank,  (seasonal) bucketlist, long term to do, and Christmas stuff. 
-The second is for addresses and phone numbers.

-On the back side I have a clear zippered pouch with bigger post it notes and tabs. And on the right a notepad with more lists!


  1. Defenitely going to buy tabs, plus I want business card holders, maybe an extra zippered pouch. Plus, I really need to DEFINE MY SECTIONS. Maybe pare them down...... thanks a bunch for the ideas!!!!

  2. I need that. I am a huge list person. But it has to be with paper and pen...not any thing that is used on a phone app

  3. Can you recommend youtube videos for Filofax newbies? =)

  4. Love the tabs! So bright and colorful!