Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Bucketlist

Winter Bucketlist

1. Holiday embroidery hoops
2. Listen to Elvis
3. Decorate Christmas tree
4. Set up Christmas train
5. Hide Christmas pickle
6. Decorate house
7. Cookie/treat swap
8. Decorate moms tree 12/11
9. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair
10. Donate to Toys For Tots
11. Decorate Grandma Sallie's house/tree
12. Christmas Eve jammies/movies/hot chocolate
13. Bake Christmas cookies for Santa
14. Fill stockings
15. Prime Rib dinner


  1. What is the pickle about? What are the holiday embroidery hoops? Our bucket list is in progress! We're going w/ a December/Christmas bucket list and then I want to make another for the new year. I'm bucket list obsessed!

  2. We have an old world Christmas ornament of a very small pickle. The way I've heard it, it's a German tradition, the person who finds the pickle ornament either gets to open the first present or gets an extra present. The extra gift is usually candy.
    I want to put holiday/festive fabric in an embroidery hoop and hang them as decorations.
    I really like having a bucketlist too, I'm a list person, so they appeal to my nature.

  3. Our family has an ornament that looks like a moldy lemon and if it ends up on your tree you have to sneak it onto someone else's tree while visiting. I love silly traditions!