Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Makeup Stash Overhaul

I spent a good chunk of this muggy afternoon reorganizing my extensive makeup stash. Here are the first look pictures.

I started by emptying out all of my drawers and going through everything. I threw away all products that I don't use anymore. I wiped out all my drawers, dividing bins, and my table. Then I completely reorganized. I grouped together all similar items. And I put my most used items into one dividing bin so I wouldn't have to constantly search for things I use on a regular basis.

On the left is the tall blue and clear bin I got at Walmart. The top 3 drawers are for makeup. Next to that I put my light up mirror. Then a white 3 drawer I got at office depot. The top drawer has mascara, the middle has eyeliner, and the final drawer has blushes. Next to that is a container store DVD holder that I use for my MAC palettes and some loose face powders. Then I have 2 pen holders with my makeup brushes. And in the last box is my bow collection.

Pictured above going from left to right I have my eye primers. In the middle are my Urban Decay Palettes. Then the white bin on the left is my most used makeup. Bottom left are some Too Faced palettes, then some MAC and Stila palettes, and in the yellow bin are some Loreal Hip Duos and MAC eyeshadows.

In the second blue bin drawer I have mostly loose powder eyeshadows. I have some Mehron palettes. A few drugstore eyeshadow palettes. In the back middle I have some multiples and some things I dont use.
In the very last drawer I have stuff I rarely reach for. I have some wet makeup palettes, all my lip products, some Leishi loose powder eyeshadows, MAC pigment samples, concealers, and some ELF and Urban Decay single shadows.

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspired you to clean and organize your makeup stashes!


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    1. Thank you! Keep checking back, I'm going to try and post twice a week!

  2. girl you got a lot of makeup!!