Monday, September 10, 2012

365/30 Lists: Philofaxy

I am part of a group that is devoted to Filofax planners. We are doing a year of lists. Every day has a question or topic. At the beginning of every month the list is posted then we just briefly talk on each day. Here is my list so far!

1    Goals for this month
Catch up on mortgage payments. Try qinoua, eggplant, & leeks. Refocus on weight loss, diet, & exercise.
2    My friends/family would describe me as....
Caring. Considerate. Loving. Warm. Loud. Thoughtful. Honest.
3    Where in the world do I want to visit?
Greece. Ireland. Every US state. France. Scotland. Denmark.
4    Reasons to start____________
Losing weight. To become happy, healthy and strong!
5    Reasons to quit_____________
Procrastinating. If I stop procrastinating it will lead me to a career which will in turn provide me with more money. If I have more money I could finally start a family and stop constantly stressing.
6    My favourite stationery items
My A5 black Cuban Filofax, pretty paper, pens
7    Midnight snacks
Sandwiches, ice cream, popcorn
8    Fiolfaxes I crave
Adelphi, Osterly, Temperley
9    I am at my best when
I'm with my husband, my house is clean, bills are paid
10  Favorite colors
Purple, silver, pink, blue
11  Places I'd like to live
Ireland, Scotland, Oregon
12  My proudest moments of me and my loved ones
Marrying my best friend
13  What am I wearing today
Boyshorts and a Hank 3 shirt
14  If I won the lottery I would...
Pay off my house and rent it out, buy a new house. Travel and invest a huge portion of the money.
15  Places I have visited..
England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, China, Australia, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada
16  Imaginary dinner party invites...
Bettie Page, Angelina Jolie, Marie Bitsandclips, Diana Thisgalslife, Darth Vader
17  Favourite names..
Avery, Mitchell, Fiona, Fae
18  Favourite scents and smells
Apples & cinnamon, my husbands cologne, pumpkin pie, garlic cooking
19  Perfect Filofax
No idea, I only have 1. The A5 Cuban in black. I love it!
20  Lists to make..
Lists are never ending here. 
21  Things to but at a Philofaxy meetup (if you're not going to a Philofaxy meetup, then a list of stationery that you need for your Filofax)
A sheet to track finances
22  Bucket List
See my Pinterest
23  Things I'd like to learn
Patience, banjo, Celtic, sew, cook,  the list is practically endless.
24  Jobs I have had
All retail jobs. At Mervyn's, Office Depot, and currently at Ross
25  Music I have bought
All types of music. Rock, pop, country, hip hop, rap, etc.
26  Ideal inserts that you wish were made
A better finances sheet!
27  Diary formats tried, formats to try
28  What I ate today
29  Events I'd like to attend
30  Review of the month

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