Sunday, October 7, 2012

Removing Glitter Polish

Every girl that has ever used a glitter nail polish has had this experience. 

I'm browsing thought the drug store, something sparkly catches my eye. Oh my, what pretty sparkles you have. I MUST have you. I take my new treasure to the register. Driving home I'm thinking what colors I have that would look fabulous under my new glittery prize.
I get home and get all the crap I need to get done before I paint my nails. There's nothing worse than painting your nails then remembering you have to do dishes or cook dinner. It's finally time. Base coat, base color, GLITTERY magic. Depending on your top coat your naiolish looks stunning for 1-2 hours.
In my case, Sunday rolls around and I start my football routine. Eat breakfast/lunch, start a crockpot dinner, remove nail polish, and paint your nails red and gold! GO NINERS!! Today that routine was thrown in my face. That beautiful sparkly glitter nail polish that I loved so much all week did me dirty! For all you ladies that love glitter nail polish but dread removing it, here is my tip!

I know this looks ridiculous, but trust me it works. Tear or cut 10 long strips of tin foil, soak 10 cotton balls with polish remover. Put the wet side of the cotton ball on your nail. Then wrap your finger with the tin foil. Do this x10. Let your fingers marinate for 5 minutes. Once your 5 minutes is up, rub the cotton ball from cuticle to your nails tip. Usually there is still some residual polish in the corners. This is the only way I can remover glitter nail polish without wanting to cuss and return the polish. Enjoy ladies and polish on!

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